We have an affair of serving customers from various verticals and areas with finish fulfillment.

Our Services

Securities against Cyber Crimes

Our RG Technology has been protecting millions of computer users including many technical companies. We create locks and configure them with computer and application’s drivers and keep thsese locks powered on which protects that particular device and application from hackers. When hackers can not get access to IT, there is no way for them to steal data or any other confidential information and our customers’s devices and applications remain secure against cyber crimes.

Our Technical Support

Our Clients are never left in between of any problem which they are experiencing or may experience in future. Our expert blokes are always ready to fix all technical issues which you may have on your system. As a company we maintain 99% FCR which is best among all American compnies.

About us

    We are one of the biggest manufacters of Anti-Hacking securities and protections in USA & Canada since 2004. SD has been backbone of many internet service providers and other technical companies which makes sure their clients’s data and devices should not be hacked. Our company has been awarded by many US Govt. Officials for helping them in many hacking cases. RG Technology was brainchild of our founder who has more than 40 years of experience in It industry. Here is the list of few services which are provided by us.

Our Partner